SigertFruit cold storageRapid development and change of the industry

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The insulation board of the cold storage adopts polyurethane double-sided color steel plate. The main effect of this cold storage insulation board is good sealing performance, insulation effect and moisture-proof effect, so as to ensure the refrigeration effect of the cold storage. The electric cold storage door is adopted for the cold storage door, and the cold storage management personnel can timely and effectively open and close the door when entering and leaving, so as to avoid the loss of refrigeration capacity of the cold storage.Requirements for refrigeration equipment in quick freezing warehouse: the strict sealing of quick freezing warehouse is obviously different from that of ordinary quick freezing warehouse. Therefore, how to seal the refrigeration equipment is the key. First of all all through wall pipelines must be equipped with sleeves, the frost flushing water return pipeline must be equipped with U-shaped bend water seal, and the main frost flushing and return pipeline outside the warehouse shall be equipped with air filling port to prevent the gas in the warehouse from being pumped out of the warehouse by negative pressure. In addition, due to the good sealing of the quick freezing warehouse, the set fluctuation range of the warehouse temperature should not be too large to prevent excessive positive and negative pressure from damaging the warehouse body.Sigert,The ground should be flat and not uneven. If the ground is uneven, the ground of the warehouse must be leveled before the cold storage can be built and installed.Cold storage construction: which one is suitable for you? Which one is suitable for you?Ruzomberok,Frozen and refrigerated storage began to change to shelf and pallet storage to complete the goods according to & ldquo; First in first out & rdquo; It is conducive to improve the quality of commodity storage and reduce loss.The butt joint between the top warehouse plate and the end of the top warehouse plate shall be treated to prevent air leakage and cold running. After all the top warehouse plates are installed, the butt joint shall be filled with foaming material,SigertWhich is a good cold storage installation manufacturer, and the mm wide color steel plate shall be sealed at the butt joint with pull riveting.Installation of cold storage, construction of cold storage, fruit preservation cold storage and medical cold storage have stable, safe, it must be cleaned in time, and it must not be knocked during cleaning, so as not to damage the ground and affect the service life of the cold storage.

SigertFruit cold storageRapid development and change of the industry

There are two kinds of refrigeration in the cold storage group: immediate refrigeration and simple refrigeration.In addition, water shortage or insufficient water in water-cooled machines will increase the exhaust temperature of the fresh-keeping warehouse. The condensation pressure is abnormal and the exhaust pressure of the fresh-keeping warehouse decreases.There are many application scenarios of cold storage, which are different. For a long time, it provides various cold storage installation,SigertHow much is the drug cold storage installation, cold storage installation, cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage, medical cold storage, on-site settlement, honest operation, and has offices all over the country for long-term cooperation. Different purposes, functions and designs, so what needs to be understood in cold storage design?Production department,In the process of realizing your dream, you must remove all the influences. It is very important to recognize that when these beautiful refrigerators are built in the villa room, the collection pit (pool) for flushing (thawing) and drainage should adopt the Countermeasures of avoiding freezing and cleaning and avoiding backflow of water.The type of cold storage to be built in the type of cold storage should be determined according to the type of circulating goods. For example, the cold storage that only circulates vegetables can only build a fresh-keeping cold storage, while the cold storage with refrigeration + freezing will be built if there are many types of circulating goods and great difference in storage temperature. As for the size of the cold storage it should be determined according to the type, quantity, frequency, cycle, for fruits and vegetables packed in cartons, the storage capacity of -kg per cubic meter can be referred to, and the size of cold storage construction can be estimated in combination with the storage capacity rate of about .-..However long-term continuous operation will inevitably lead to equipment aging, so reasonable maintenance is particularly important.

SigertFruit cold storageRapid development and change of the industry

Cold storage board, compressor, and other components in the cold storage can reasonably adjust the evaporation and condensation temperature, so as to improve the reduction of power consumption and reduce the production cost. Professional cold storage installation, installation of cold storage, cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage, medical cold storage, quality assurance, professional timely supply and high cost performance. It has become the preferred brand for many wire products. Welcome to buy! Save more resources.Inspection standard,Application of parallel compressor in cold storage: the requirement of refrigeration capacity is large, and have strict requirements for temperature and humidity.Evaporator is not only an exchanger for refrigeration and bulk cooling, but also a very important one. Its task is bulk cooling. It is mainly used for refrigeration and heat absorption in fresh-keeping warehouse. In the long-term work of the fresh-keeping warehouse, the fins of the evaporator will also be covered with dirt, mostly pasted with some sundries of the products. It is specialized in products and renewable resources. Its business includes: cold storage installation, cold storage installation, cold storage construction, fruit fresh-keeping cold storage,SigertCold storage installation engineering company, medical cold storage. In addition, dust and other things, but reaching a certain thickness will have an impact on the cooling of the fresh-keeping warehouse, If the refrigeration of the fresh-keeping warehouse becomes poor, it should be cleaned with a special cleaning agent for the evaporator. - precautions for vertical plate of cold storage: vertical plate displaySigert,Cork board: cork board can be said to be a relatively primitive kind of cold storage. The thermal conductivity of cork board is relatively low, and it is easy to obtain, so it is not difficult to process, so it is generally used as the insulation board in some ordinary cold storage. If you want to pursue better thermal insulation performance, you have to look at the following materials.Strong deformation resistance, not easy to crack, smooth, stable and safe. Polyurethane material has stable porosity structure and basically closed pore structure. It not only has excellent thermal insulation performance, but also has good freeze-thaw resistance and sound absorption performance. Under normal service and maintenance conditions, it can reach the unit price of dry, wet or electric corrosion under normal service conditions, while the unit price of insect, fungus or algae foam material is higher than other traditional insulation materials but heating will increase the cost and the cooling cost will be greatly reduced.Danfoss thermal valve is adopted for the thermal valve of the cold storage, with guaranteed quality; Due to the high temperature requirements of the cold storage and the high degree of automation and regulation of the temperature, the temperature system of the cold storage adopts microcomputer full-automatic, does not need special people to operate, and can be remotely controlled. When the temperature exceeds the specified range, it will automatically alarm, which is of great significance to the proper preservation of the cold storage.

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